Story of Jack

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!
Such a fun time of year!
Comment below and tell me what you were dressed as!

I was dressed as Han Solo!
If you are interested in making your own Han Solo costume I will be loading a DIY soon!


3 Comments on Story of Jack

  1. awesome vid, do you have the original version of it not being sped up so fast though, that would be so cool to see in real time =D, if you also could upload it in 1080 hd that would be sweet.

    • OMGSH! If I did real time I think this video would be like 30 min long! haha.
      I usually export in 720 hd. It’s not 1080 but if you switch it in Youtube it makes quite a bit of difference!
      Maybe next year I will do it in real time 🙂

  2. does the cam you filmed it with have 1080 hd capability hehe? if so i think you could post it in realtime in that hd level. i wouldn’t mind the 30 minutes, longer the better haha.

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