My Favorite Artists Of The Alley

As you know if you’ve ever been to a con there is some amazing talent! I always go on a business card grabbing spree at these things. Well I have this stack of cards and thought I’d just share a couple of favorites I’ve had from San Japan and Alamo City Comic Con. I love supporting local artists vs. spending money on another wall poster at walmart. If you see something you like or love I encourage to click on their links! Even if you can’t buy, another follow, one more share can make all the difference!

IMG_9370 copy IMG_9370
Uber cute and so sad. Super Emo Friends brings the dark side (eh eh?) of the characters you love to cute, adorable life.
It’s good to be remind we all feel the same emotions sometimes. ūüôā


Discovered at San Japan the reason they are here is for their Pikachu plush.
I just thought it was the cutest. It reminds me of a pineapple for some reason.


4  2
Found at Comic Con. I LOVE their stuff. It’s such a classy way to work in your love of geek culture into your suave adult home :p

10341464_223462501196505_1620698637630128225_n Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.10.16 PM
Atom Todd was one of the few booths I bought a print from at Comic Con. Reasonably priced and good quality. I loved his profile series. While I only bought one of the modern storm troopers my friend got a series of 5 star wars character with plans to hang them in a line over her living room. Brilliant.


Spotted at SanJapan. I squealed upon seeing these cubed cuties! So adorable! I loved the idea and their shape makes them stackable!


tumblr_nf5h3pZsKl1qhzd1uo1_540  tumblr_njgi7jWRY51s4ecoko1_250 tumblr_nhuidob1T61qhzd1uo1_r1_540
I enjoy art and I enjoy Geek Culture. Mix ’em all together and what do you get? ¬†Missy Pena!
These prints are such a cool combination of those classic pieces we all know with that show we love.
Gyarados swimming in ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’? Winning.

I wanted to get one of Ginger’s prints so badly but just didn’t have the money at the time. None the less, I LOVED checking out her art.


BIGBANGFBrecolor_20copytumb_original wonderwomantumb_original
Angry Panda has a series of different prints but the one that made me grab her business card was the Pop Art Girls. That series of prints really made my eyes happy. I’ll have to get a Wonder Woman Print from her really soon. I just love it soooo much! ‚̧

Voix had some adorable crochet and knitted goodies for the winter. Imagine what a bad ass you’d look like keeping your ears warm in these babies!
I do have to say after visiting their website….it does not do them justice. AT ALL. I encourage you to check out their Facebook instead!
But if you must…

“My First Fandom” had to be the coolest/cutest idea for the geek parent. Why get your kids the regular counting book or the ABCs with animals when you can have ‘Counting With The Doctor’ and ‘Federation Alphabet?’
Jason Oaks caught my eye because of these awesome group panel canvas’ he sells. You need mildly deep pockets to get these babies in your living room. Unfortunately, mine don’t run deep enough but a girl can admire…and I am ADMIRING!


10294309_595650413900383_3576057606261359670_n 11011201_618478411617583_4443573191697151366_n
You have to save something amazing for last right? Well needless to say I was blown away when I came upon Cory Smith’s booth. Art upon art, all free hand drawn with a #2 pencil. As you can see the man is a wiz with graphite.
(You can see a clip of him doing his thing in my Alamo City Comic Con video!)


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