TTK’s First Cosplay

My first cosplay endeavor started with a wig. I think when most people start on the path of cosplay they usually start with the character first. Well mine started with a late night on amazon.
Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 11.24.20 PM

At A-kon I spotted this gorgeous cotton candy Lolita wig and just fell in love. Gorgeous! I wanted it. I wanted to don it on my little head at my next con. I googled, googled, googled-and discovered a pretty close match to it. $60. Ouch. For a more serious cosplayer this might not seem that bad for a good quality wig however I was still on the beginning path to cosplay so I wasn’t ready for that kind of dollar commitment. Which led me to amazon. $20. Done. Mind you it was definitely of lesser quality but it worked for me.

When it finally arrived in the mail and I tried it on it dawned on me-WHO AM I?! In the rush of wig love I had bought a wig without thinking about what I was wearing it with and more importantly who I was cosplaying as. Back to it-google google google. What ended up helping in the end was talking to my friend and cosplayer AfroQween. Who suggested the perfect character: A Pokémon!

AfroQweenFacebook  YouTube  Instagram

One thing that’s really great about cosplaying as a non-human character is there is a lot of room for interpretation. If the non-human character has a purple colored body, for example, you have the leisure of wearing purple colored anything! Skirt, shirt and pants, leotard, overalls, tulle, the world is your oyster! So that’s one thing that was really awesome about choosing this character for my first time cosplay; I didn’t have to make something that looked exact-If I made a mistake I could run with it.

Google Google Google-Images. Seeing other cosplays of the same character helped me formulate some kind of idea I wanted to go for. I made a list of the things I would need to make or buy and got started on my journey.

  1. The main outfit.
    So depending on the character the hair can be as big of a hurdle as the outfit, but amazon solved all my hair needs. The big part was the clothes. I wanted something simple but slightly whimsical as I chose a fairy pokemon.  Well impulse purchases can pay off. Years ago, in high school, I went to the San Antonio Rodeo and randomly purchased this beautiful white, two-piece outfit. It reminded me of those pretty outfits you can wear on the beach. Why did I think I needed it? I don’t know but I bought it nonetheless.
    Clothes. Check.11028024_10207913118375879_8607631149276544835_n
  2. Bows to be fancy.
    This particular pokemon had bows and bows are a pretty easy thing to do. However, I was a week out so I recruited some help. A friend had a sister-in-law who made kids bows during her spare time. I’m sure we’ve seen a few of those at home business’s pop up on our fb and such. Bam! 3 bows for $10. Two clip on bows and a bowtie! Pretty good deal 11953051_10207912960891942_5366161362067287904_n
  3. Blue eyes to see.
    This was a route I wasn’t expecting to take but as I got more and more worked up about my cosplay the more I wanted to go farther. My Pokemon has blue eyes and I, with my brown eyes, was determined to go the distance! Google google google. After searching and emailing around I found a local business that carried a variety of non-prescription contacts. Turns out she was actually a host seller for 1800-contacts.
    11988645_10207913205498057_6849152782686068721_nShe had a variety of colors along with special effects and even Naruto Sharingan contacts! She was catering to my people, awesome. I ended up getting a pair of 2-toned blue contacts. She even gave me a 2 for $30 deal! (I was buying grey ones for my friend.) This was going to be my first time wearing contacts! I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like with my cotton candy wig!
  4. Ears to hear.
    This actually was such a great surprise. A few days out from the convention I realized my cosplay might be totally unrecognizable if I didn’t have the Pokemon’s ears. But the convention month found me so jam packed with work, blogging, and other activities that I just couldn’t find the time. In desperation I turned to the San Japan Cosplay Facebook Group. “Can someone please lend me some ears?!” Hear my plea! The kindness of cosplayers will never fails to disappoint. I had a very kind young woman, Jessi, offered to lend me some ears she had made for a previous convention and wouldn’t be using.
    WOW! She is an avid cosplayer with a FB page so I’d like to shamelessly plug her page here because she was so kind to me!Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.40.23 PM
  5. Make-Up.
    The finishing touch. I’m the farthest thing from a makeup guru but I know the power of some well chosen eye-shadow and eyeliner. Like I mentioned before with the wig, and as you can probably tell from my steps so far, I was being budget friendly. Other than the wig I either re-used or bought stuff I could use again. So I didn’t want to spend $10 on a particular shade of pink. If I got anything it would be awesome to get a palette that I could use again for other occasions. Coastal scents is a super awesome and budget friendly option for people who need makeup that’s good quality on the cheap. For $12 I bought a palette of 88 colors. This would provide me a variety of colors I could use for not just this cosplay but for all the cosplays to come!Put them all together and I got my first cosplay-



Left and Right Picture By Film Shooter Event Photography 

I was really happy with how well all the parts came together especially since it was so last minute.

I had a variety of people ask for a picture with the highlight being two children who were there with their parents. ADORABLE!
It was a really cool experience that got me excited to try again. This time I’d like to try and make a lot of the pieces. Goals.
To those who have been dipping their toes into the pool of cosplay, come for a swim. You can always go budget friendly for your first go. A friend I went with made her whole outfit with pieces she bought from goodwill and just cut and hand sewed the pieces together.


Picture By Lyon Heart Photography 

You can be extremely budget friendly with it!
The risk is small but the reward is great! I hope we can cosplay and meet at a convention somewhere down the road! Till then, stay calm and cosplay on ^.-


Evee Evolution Icon Image by NachoSammich


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