Still Having Skin Issues? YESkin Clinic.

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When I first arrived to Korea I had quite a few skin problems.
I suffered from acne, rosacea, and oily skin.

538923_4601630928835_1294504218_nHere I am with my Grandmother when I first arrived. 
You can see how irritated and red my skin looks. 

The first clinic I went to was the Teng Teng Skin Clinic.
The doctor spoke perfect English and I felt very comfortable in the clinic.
My skin made a lot of visual improvement but I began to worry that the deep root of the problem wasn’t being treated (even though on the outside I was looking MUCH better).

My mother ended up helping me find YEclinic.
My first consultation was really interesting and more in depth than any I had experienced.
First he looked at my skin, took samples, and squeezed a couple of pimples.
Later I found out they analyzed it to find out what kinds of viruses my skin had!

Next I held a metal rod while they rolled it’s attachment on my foot.
Apparently they were measuring how long the current took to get from one rod to the other.
This measured the “age” of your skin cells.
Mine weren’t doing so well…

After my consultation they presented their plan to help my skin!
Every other week I would receive laser treatment and in between each treatment I would get a facial.
I bought a set of 5 visits and paid ahead of time.
As a service (free gift) they gave me one visit for free.
So in the end I ended up purchasing 5 visits + 1 free visit.


For the first week he had me take some Chinese Medicine.
I can’t really tell you what it was for but it did have an effect.

Each appointment I would have my skin washed and cleaned by a clinic assistant.
After the doctor would come down and give me a squeezing.
Basically he looks at the progress your skin is making and also squeezes any problems you might be having at the time. Sounds gross I know but he pops it in the “correct” way so it won’t scar.

So did I make improvements?

Top: Before
Bottom: After

first time-2013-11-25 (2) first time-2013-11-25 (1)





middle time2014-1-10 middle time2014-1-10 (2)
And now? Cured!

I apologize for not having a pic of a true outbreak. My inflammation came and went and my before picture was during a calm time.

But you can see traces of my rosacea (that is much more apparent in my very first picture) and the acne I was still dealing with.

I made A LOT of improvement and continued to visit YE Skin Clinic until I left.
The clinic is very clean, professional, and I looked forward to each visit.
Some of the doctors speak great English and some only a small bit but they provide top service regardless of the language barrier!
BUT for your initial consultation I’d bring a friend who speaks Korean just in case ^.-

To get there get off at Seonjeongneung Station.
Take Exit 2.
When you get out take an immediate U-turn.
Take a right at the Corner.

It will be second building on your right.





The Traveling Kimchi


20 Comments on Still Having Skin Issues? YESkin Clinic.

  1. Hi, I went to Ye clinic yesterday to get acne treatment. And hmm, like you said, the doctor squeezes our problem on my face that I hve at that time. I want to ask, do you feel your skin is super tight after the first treatment? Because I feel that way after the first treatment (I got the doctor squeeze and peel). what do you feel after the first treatment? Thank you ^^

    • Yah!The first few times my skin felt a little tight too. But also like it could actually breath? Obviously it was more sensitive at the beginning just because there are more areas to get irritated or w/e by the treatment but I loved how fresh it felt! Breath of fresh air!

  2. Hello, I am planning to pay a visit to Ye clinic next week (probably). Can we put on make up after the first treatment?

    • It depends on the treatment. I could but my skin felt so fresh and like it was breathing a lot after that I always decided to not. haha.
      It really depends on what kind of treatment you end up getting though.
      I can’t speak for your situation 🙂

  3. Hi!
    What was the total cost of your whole treatment?

  4. May i know r u satisfied more with yeskinclinic or tengteng clinic?and what kind of treatment do u get at yeskin and tengteng?

    • I personally really liked YeSkin Clinic. I really enjoyed all the services that they did with each visit-pimple clearing, face wash, face mask etc.
      It was like a mini spa day, haha. I received a laser treatment but I can’t remember the name of it. I would get it ever other visit and then a skin care treatment every other visit.

  5. hey there! your results look amazing!! just a quick question, im going to south korea next month and looking to go to skin clinics for mole removal and scar removal. does yeskinclinic do those services? I don’t speak korean nor read so its kinda hard navigating through the site 😦 and how much approx. was the cost difference between the two clinics? I was looking at wooskin, and apparently they have a 30,000 won consultation?? and i was like waaa thats way too expensive!

    • Yes, they do both of those. However, I’m not sure about the price.
      I actually had a mole removal type of service done. It was a freckle that started to bump? So I got it removed just in case. They used a laser and it didn’t hurt at all. But he did it for free since I had been such a loyal customer.
      I know they offer services to remove or fill scars. I think the procedure will be based on your scars. How deep, size, area, etc.
      If you can’t find anyone to help you with translating or calling I’d advise stoping in and see if you can meet with one of the doctors that speaks English.

  6. Hey im planning to go to this clinic and wondering if they provide creams or any skincare?

    • They have products there. So I know if you ask they can give some recommendations but I don’t think they will go out of the way to recommend it to you if your condition isn’t in dire need of it.

      • Did they ask u to use it during ur treatment period? Is it good? (Didn’t make ur face break out)? Thank u so much for ur help!

  7. They didn’t mention it? I guess it wasn’t really any issue.
    I usually get one really good pimple on my period haha but that’s totally normal for me. While I was undergoing treatment I didn’t really notice any difference while I was on my period vs. off.

  8. Hi after i saw your blog. I went to YeSkin clinic today and they recommend 2 IpL Intense pulse light and 4 Acne squeezing treatment. Did u had the same as me?

    • It might be? I did the acne squeezing for sure. haha.
      Is the pulse light treatment a laser gun or a facial light treatment?

      • maryann bernardino mejia // March 26, 2016 at 8:10 pm //

        they had my eyes covered with this black eye potector and everytime time it hits my face its smells like burning and it was very bright i guess it was the light treatment.

      • OH……I’m not sure if it was the same-I didn’t have a burning smell with mine. haha
        Does the treatment seem to be working?

  9. Hi!!!! I’ve been following your treatment posts for awhile now and I really really want to go to the second one which you recommended. How do i book an appointment with them if i can’t speak in korean though??? Or should i just send an email to

    Sorry for asking so many questions but it really really sucks to have really big acne pop up on your face for a long time ;( And i have eczema and oily skin as well, the skin doctor i saw in Singapore did not seem to help much and I dont know what to do anymore T_T

    If you could reply or help me in anyway I would be really really thankful!!! Thank you!!!

    • You can go ahead and try the email.
      Use simple English just in case.
      “Hello. My name is —-. I have eczema and oily skin. I really want to visit YeSkin clinic for skin help. Can I make an appointment?”
      It be easiest for you if a friend who speaks Korean can call for you but go ahead and try the email.
      Let me know too!

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