DIY Chocolate Strawberries

Hope you enjoy making these Chocolate Strawberries yourself instead of buying them!
They are so simple, quick, and easy to make! I just can’t understand why anyone would buy them once they learned how to do it themselves.
If you make some load a pic on instagram and tag me @TheTravelingKimchi! I would love to see how they turned out!

Here is a full transcript of the video if you guys need written steps 🙂

To make these Chocolate strawberries you are going to need:
Some delicious strawberries
Chocolate chips-semi sweet
Wax paper
If you want to do a white design on top you’ll need:
White chocolate chips
Piping/icing bag.

So lets get started!

Pour your chocolate chips into a bowl-how much will depend on how many strawberries your making but remember left overs can be used to dip other things in.
Next, add the butter. I usually just eye it but if you need an exact I’d say 1 1⁄2 cups semisweet chocolate chips to
every 1 tbsp. butter.

Now to heat it up.
The time will depend on where you stored your chips but I recommend doing 10-15 second intervals.

Once it’s melted go ahead a mix it until it’s nice and smooth.
You want your dipping chocolate to have a nice smooth consistency- you don’t want it sticking to the spoon but you also don’t want it to be sliding off like water.
If it’s too thick add a bit of butter and re-microwave.
If it’s too thin add a couple more chocolate chips and re-microwave

Once it’s nice and smooth get a dish or placemat and cover it with a layer of wax paper. This will keep the chocolate from sticking to the plate.

Now’s the fun part! Dipping!!!

Don’t be scared to add other things to the mix! This process is good for pineapples, pretzels, bananas, cherries, anything you think would be delicious J

When you’ve got it all dipped out- place them in the refrigerator for a little to harden.

While they’re cooling off we can prep your white chocolate.
Fill your piping bag with some white chocolate chips. Remember the white chocolate is more fore embellishment so you won’t need too much.

Microwave until the chips are starting to melt.
Once again this depends on the state of your chips. Mine were quite cold. When they’ve melted enough you can just squish them inside the bag.

When cutting off the tip of the bag be careful to not cut too much off. If you want to do details you’ll need a smaller piping hole.

Now’s another fun part! Icing!
I’ve found the quicker I do the back and forth design the better it looks. And I think doing two layers makes it look even better!

And there you go! Some really delicious chocolate strawberries! You place them in a nice box or jar for your special someone.

Another idea is to wrap the strawberry.

I got this see thru wrap from Michaels, I place a strawberry in the middle, collect the corners, and tie it off with a pink string.

It makes a great little gift for your friends or co-workers!

I hope you guys enjoy and remember to share your results with me on instagram!



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