Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life

Christmas will soon be upon us and the rush to buy the perfect gift is on!
Sometimes it’s hard to buy a gift for the person who travels around the world.
Their house is filled with things from India, South Africa, and France. What could you possibly buy at a mall that will wow them? Well, The Traveling Kimchi is here to try and make things a little easier.
I hope it helps!

1. A Phone Case
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A traveler is always on the go so there is no time to stop and worry about a dropped phone or a cracked screen. This is why a traveler phone case or Life Proof is a great gift. Their case will reflect their love and passion of traveling and protect their phone from any crazy adventure they get themselves into.


2. A Travel Charm

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Sometimes we need a little something that gives us that bit of comfort and happiness Whether it be that mug that we take our cup of joe in or a little silver passport that reminds us of those waiting for us back home, there are some simple comforts that one doesn’t need to give up while traveling.


3. A Passport Case


Not just any passport case! A REALLY good one! There are so many cheap cases on the market that are either poorly made or made only to hold your passport. Get the functionality in there! I believe a good passport case should at least hold a person’s passport and airline ticket, minimum! But it’s a plus if it can hold cards and cash too!


4. An E-Reader



An e-reader is just so convenient for a person that is constantly on the move. Books just take up packing space, add weight, and you only have what you can carry! An e-reader is light, can hold over 100 books, allows the option of purchasing a new book at any time, and can be used to read word documents, pdf, and much more! Talk about multi-functional!


5. A Memory….Container



You probably know your adventurer best. Can they do scrap books? Do they just collect pieces of paper? What are they capable of? Think and buy the one that fits your person best. Whether it’s just a stub book, a ticket box, or a full blown scrap book, giving them a means to keep all of their wonderful memories together and in one place is a huge plus!


6. A Scratch Away Map



There’s not much to say except that it is a really fun gift and a great way for the person to keep track of everywhere they’ve been and show off too ^.-


7. GoPro


A little pricy, this is obviously a gift for someone you really love.
A great thing about the GoPro is it’s multi functional, easy to easy, and so small! Not only that but it has every attachment in the world to fit it. If your friend is more of a hiker traveler get them the chest attachment! If they travel to surf get the board attachment!


8. A Luggage Set



Another slightly expensive one but still a good one! I know I can’t be the only one who traveled a few years with mismatched luggage or with the wrong size bag. A luggage set is a great gift for a passionate traveler and, if your feeling a little more giving, you could even throw in some unique luggage tags ^.-


9. Their Photographs On Canvas

Photo credit:

I’m sure your little adventurer has taken some amazing pictures on their travels. Why not pick out a favorite, do a little bit of editing and have it printed on canvas? More elegant then a picture in a frame, a canvas print radiates professionalism, art, and AWESOMENESS!!!!! :p


10. Tickets

Of course the ultimate gift for the traveler in your life is tickets to their next adventure.

I hope these have given you some ideas for your shopping 🙂
As always, this is The Traveling Kimchi!
Happy Shopping!




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