Where Can I Find A Traditional Korean Meal?!

On my “5 Must Do Activities in Seoul” post I mentioned that anyone visiting Korea should experience a real traditional Korean meal. Well I realized that is very easy to say but a lot of people don’t know where to start. Not to fear, this post will make it easy for you to get that authentic Korean taste you are aching for and give you some tips about the actual meal! ^.^

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.05.03 AM
The first step is to get to Banpo Station.
You will NOT be exiting the underground area – you can arrive at the restaurant by staying underground.
At Banpo Station there is a very large shopping area.
Head to Star 1 “Exit.”

Head thru the doors and go downstairs.

And take the elevator up.

At the top turn right. You will see a long hallway-walk…RUN DOWN IT!!! Food is near!

It will be at the end of the hall 🙂


It is $15 a person for the whole meal and trust me it is a great deal!

Upon arrival your table will look like the picture above. BEFORE you dig in prep your rice.
Your rice will be served in a big black stone bowl as shown above.
1. Take the cover off – be careful it is a little hot.
2. Scoop out your rice into the empty bowl but don’t scrape off the rice stuck to the sides of the bowl.
3. On your table there will be a teapot filled with hot water. Pour some water into the stone bowl.
4. Re-cover the bowl and set it to the side.
5. When you are nearing the end of your meal, uncover the rice and enjoy.
While you are eating the rice absorbs the water and also continues to cook on the sides of the hot stone bowl resulting in a soft but crunchy treat.

Next tip has to do with the crab.
One of the side dishes they will serve you is ganjang-gejang. It is crab that has been marinated in soy sauce and is served raw. It is absolutely delicious and an instant favorite for seafood lovers. Basically to eat the crab you just stick it in your mouth and suck, (which is advice I’m sure you’ve heard from a different context -_-;;;;)
But the real treat is the body of the crab. Once you eat the crab meat pile some rice back into the body so it ends up looking like this:

The rice will soak up the sauce and DANG!!! I can’t even describe to you how good it is!

I hope this made it easier to get your hands on that authentic meal!
And I hope you find it especially delicious. ^.^




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  1. that ganjang-gejang with rice literally made me drool on my keyboard. oh my gosh. i miss it so much!!

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