Lonny! Get the Camera!

During my time in Korea I had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful people including a few in my own building, one of whom was Heather. Naturally, we became Facebook friends and I couldn’t help but notice all of her beautiful profile pictures. I couldn’t stop myself from commenting, “Wow!” “This is amazing” and of course, “Who took this?!”
Turns out her boyfriend (now fiance ^.-) was the man behind the camera.
I was utterly impressed by the quality of each photograph, even more so after I learned he was self-taught!
Unfortunately, we left Korea around the same time but I’m happy to say I was able to do a long-distance interview :p

9125279538_ebf1a9da91_kRoppongi Hills, Japan 

There are a lot of hobbies out there. Why photography?

“In late 2011, I hung out with my boy David Nguyen who was into photography. Whenever we would drink together I would play around with his camera (Nikon D90 ). One day during my inebriated state I told myself, “Hey, you need a hobby that you can do for the rest of your life…. this is it man, go learn how to take EPIC pictures!” The very next day I went out to the store and bought a DSLR, and I have been shooting ever since then.”

1167543_10100773050811968_883919230_oTrillium Lake, Oregon

How was the process of  teaching yourself?

“Hehe, really fun actually. Well I learned the basics from my friend, then after that I started watching Youtube videos, reading photographers fight on online forums and also stare at famous photos for hours.”

14409085298_afc2d88a8a_kEl Nido, Palawan  

What was the hardest part?

“Hmm, I would say trying to figure out my style.”

10639720_10101278913249588_6018968667729535094_nLuang Prabang, Laos 

Is there anything you still have trouble with?

“Yea, traveling with as little as possible. I always end up bringing a little too much.”

15397690575_9a919cdef5_kAngkor Wat, Cambodia 

What country has been your favorite to photograph?

“That’s a hard question….. maybe Cambodia just because Angkor Wat was so sick.”

14409068000_8ec1a89859_kTaipei, Taiwan   

Which country is on your bucket list?

“There’s always a country that I want to go to, but I think Italy is def one of the highest priorities right now.”

995793_10100772443933158_868984747_nTrillium Lake, Oregon

Which photo is your favorite? 

“Maybe my picture at Trillium Lake, Oregon.
Conditions? Uhh, it was reallly early, I was tired, I was hungry, my girlfriend was cold, but oh my, that scene was dope.”

9123018551_7435a004de_kMudfest, South Korea

What are your thoughts on photoshop and photography?

“I think you should always do some post editing. Even if I catch a picture perfectly on camera, I will still go in and make sure the white balance is on point, adjust contrast, etc”


Now that your engaged (congrats btw ^.-) will you be taking your own wedding pictures?

“haha. Thank you, haha, I will have someone else take pictures, however I do plan on taking mad selfie pictures lol.”

14595687735_272455a30b_hHan River, South Korea 

What words of advice do you have for anyone interested in learning photography?

“To up your game in photography you should take some time and do a little studying on paintings. Exposure, composition, feeling, its all there. You can learn a lot from a 1000 year old painting. Also just like anything in life, if you want to get better at it you have to keep doing it, even if its just a few hours a week, keep shooting and you will see improvements.”

10491978_10101188499788888_4920005018099078325_nIf you’d like to check out more of Lonny’s wonderful pictures be sure to visit his


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