What should I do In Japan?!

Hey guys!!!
I thought I’d share my schedule and information about some of the sites and places I went to in Japan.
Let it be known I just finished my contract and moved out of my apartment with NO down time! So I didn’t exactly wake up early most of these days…haha. However! If you are an earlier riser you can probably fit a lot more into one day then I could!

I have also taken the liberty of re-arranging some of the items in case anyone wishes to draw inspiration from this schedule.
I’ve done this because in retrospect certain places would have gone better together because of location or time.

Either way I hope this little run down helps!  ^.^
If you’d like to see my Japan Trip Lip Sync video you can check it out here! 

Sorry about the weird/inconsistent layout-wordpress is acting up.)


Day 1

Day one we bought an Osaka Day Pass. 
Price:  1 day 2,300 Yen
2 day 3,000 Yen
It is valid from 5am (the day you bought it)-5am (the next day)
*It includes places such as Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka Museum of History, Osaka Castle Museum, HEP 5 Ferris Wheel Tombori River Cruise, Naniwa-no-Yu Onsen, and the Floating Garden Observatory.
*The ticket can be used on the train and bus!
*Just show the pass at the counter of each location for free access!
*You can use the TOKU coupon and certain locations to get special offers. (Ex: Free drinks) The TOKU coupons can be used after your pass expires too!
Downsides: Special trains and special exhibits are not covered.
There is no kids ticket. Everyone get the same price!
To me the Osaka pass was a great deal! Especially if you get an early start. It includes all the major sites of Osaka and a couple of places you might not have considered!

IMG_6737 copy



HEP5 Ferris Wheel
Why: It offers a really cool view of Osaka and is a great way to wind down.
*A cool note. Each capsule has a speaker so you can hook up your own tunes!
Price: 500 Yen (Children under 5 are free)
Time: 11am -22:45
Phone: 06-6313-0501

IMG_6701 copy



Osaka Castle
Why: It is an example of beautiful Japanese architecture and features a pretty nice museum inside!
Price: 600 yen

Time: 9:00- 16:30
Closed: December 28th – January 1st
Phone: +81 6-6941-3044
How to get there: Osakajokoen Station
*For an extra 200 Yen (500 Yen during Cherry Blossom season) check out the Nishinomaru Garden

Day 2

Took the train from Osaka to Kyoto
Price: 1420 Yen

Check into our Hostel.
JAM Hostel 
The hostel had nice spacious bunks and cleaned everyday! Very nice! 
*The hostel sits above the sake bar. Talk about a dream come true!

IMG_6769 copy


Fushimi Inari Shrine
Why: It is a beautiful shrine centered in the middle of mountain nature!
It also has beautiful paths that follow countless numbers of Torii Gates. It is truly awe inspiring!
Price: Free
Time: Open 24hrs
How to get there: JR Inari Station
Fushimiinari Station
*If you plan to do a bit of the walk to see more of the gates bring bug spray in the summer. Because of the surrounding nature there are a decent amount of mosquitos.*Wear white! Against the red gates you will stand out but also compliment the surrounding colors

Day 3



Nanzenji Temple
Why: The area in which the temple is located is really beautiful and also features an aquifer!
There are many zen gardens located around the temple which makes for a peaceful and beautiful place to relax.
Time: 8:45-16:00
How to get there: Keage Station
Nanzenji-Eikando Bus Stop
Downside: Each garden and shrine located around Nanzenji temple has its own entrance fee. So if you wanted to see several of the gardens you’ll end up paying several different entrance fees :/Because there are so many things packed into this one area, if you really take your time and enjoy leisurely walks you could spend a good several hours in this location.

We also tried to make it to Nijo Castle but we arrived 30 minutes too late TT.TT




Golden Pavilion
Why go: It’s a pretty interesting site! How often do you see a gold building? haha
The area is quite quant and peaceful however I recommend going on weekdays during the slow hours.
The walk ways around the pavilion and area area a little narrow so it gets really crowded with everyone taking pictures.
Time: 9-17:00
Price: 400 Yen
How to get there: Kyoto Station
Kyoto Bus stop

Day 4

Maiko Experience
Why: It is a really cool experience that allows you to see what maiko’s and geisha’s go thru every day!
Also you wouldn’t believe the weight of a full kimono!
It’s great fun and you’ll walk away with some beautiful photographs.
Time: 9:00-20:00
*While they don’t seem to book up extremely fast I (as do they) recommend calling ahead and making an appointment.
Price: Anywhere from 12,340 Yen to 28,000 Yen.
*If you have any left over nail polish, remove it before you go! It’ll totally draw away from the beautiful Kimono!Watch my maiko walk thru video here!

Of course right after this wonderful experience it started raining super hard (turns out later it actually flooded a bit).
As a result we went to the….

Shin Kyogoku Shopping Arcade
Why: Great place to find souvenirs for a decent price.
It is also a covered open air market which makes it perfect for a rainy day!
The arcade features places to buy clothes, souvenirs, books, all the way to a movie theatre and arcade-so there’s lots to do!

There isn’t one place in particular I’d recommend but I recommend going!!!
Conveyer sushi is a great cheap way to get your fill of all your fresh fish friends for about 140 Yen a plate!
So eat up!

Day 5



Kurama Onsen
Why: An Onsen is something everyone should experience at least once while in Japan!
The hot water in combination with the fresh outdoor air and nature will leave you with a clean and peaceful mind.
Time: 10:00-21:00
Price: 1,000 Yen for Adults
700 Yen for Children
(Can be more if you rent a towel, get a massage, etc)
*Budget Travelers: If you have your own towel bring it with! It will save you 400-700 Yen!

Night Bus from Kyoto to Tokyo
Great for a budget traveler.
Taking the bullet train is great and all but can cost a pretty penny. The night bus can be as cheap as 3,500 Yen for a one way trip and also double as your hostel for the night. They usually depart around 11-12 at night for their destination.
Tokyo is about a 7 hour drive so we arrive around 7am the next day.  

Day 6

Check into Hostel.
Tokyo Hostel
The staff was very helpful and kind! We also made a lot of friends at this hostel!
Downside: The three person bunks are hard to deal with. They make you feel a little like an awkward fish trying to get in and out.
It’s not near any bars or night areas so 7/11 became your bff if you were needing a late snack.



Why: A must go for any anime/manga fans!
Time: It depends on the store-which there are an abundance of!  Some things I did:
-Tokyo Anime Center
*while it can be a bust sometimes, sometimes the
center has some really cool displays going on.
-Coin Machines (Gachapon)
*These make easy and cheap souvenirs.
*If you want to make an even of it visit Gachipon
Kaikan which boasts 530 machines!
-Maid Café
*If you’re needing a break Maid Cafes are a unique
way to get some much needed caffeine and fun!


Kanda Myojin Shrine
Why go: The shrine is beautifully made and even more beautiful lit up at night!
The shrine is suppose to help with your business life and finding your future spouse!
Time: 24 hrs
Price: Free
Phone: 03-3254-0753
How to get there: Akihabara Station

Day 7


Sumo Wrestling (Ryogoku Kokugikan)
Why go: Where else can you see an official sumo match?!
Time: 10:00-16:30
Price: Free (Unless there is a tournament)
Phone: 03-3623-5111
How to get there: JR Ryogoku Station, West Exit.
*Call before heading over to watch a match! The days they take a break differ from month to month.



Edo-Tokyo Museum
Why go: It’s a pretty cool museum with lots of different exhibitions to see. It also has interactive parts!
Time: Tues-Fri, Sun 9:30-17:30
Sat 9:30-19:30
Closed Mondays
Price: Adult 600Yen
Child Free
Student 300 Yen
Phone: +81-3-3626-9974
How to get there: It is right behind the Sumo building 🙂

Day 8

People Appreciate Exotic Birds At Bird Cafe In Tokyo

Owl Café (Bust) Fukuro no Mise
Time: Wednesday, 2pm – 6pm (Appt: 1pm)
Thursday, 2pm – 6pm (Appt: 1pm)
Friday, 2pm – 9pm (Appt: 1pm)
Saturday, 12pm – 9pm (Appt: 11am)
Sunday, 12pm – 6pm (Appt: 11am)
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays
Price: 2,000 Yen (1hr + 1 drink)A reservation must be made one hour before the café opens
However people start lining up way before the one hour mark!
How to get there:
(They don’t take phone reservations)
*They don’t allow video, so only lovely pictures!

*Fridays they have an English speaking person. If you are going any day but Friday it would be best to bring someone who speaks Japanese.

IMG_7059 copy


Tokyo Tower
Why go: It provides a great view of the city and is a really pretty structure!
Time: 9:00-22:00
Price: 900 Yen
How to get there: Onarimon Station
Phone: 03-3422-5111
How to get there: Akabenebashi Station (E21)



Palette Town
Why go: It’s a fun area by the bay.
Phone: 03-3529-1821
How to Get there: Aomi Station (U10)
*When you ride the train over you will cross the rainbow bridge

IMG_7052 copy


Pokemon Center
Why go: Uh…are you kidding me?! It’s a Pokemon Center!!!!
Time: 10:00-22:00
Weekend: 10-19:00
Phone: +81 3-6430-7733
*Get a quick tour of the store with me! CLICK HERE
*Good place for gifts! Everyone can appreciate a call back to their childhood! ^.^There are many locations so find the one closest to you!



DriverCity Tokyo Plaza
Why go: Where else can you see a life size Gundum?
Time: 10:00-21:00
How to get there: Aomi Station
Phone: 03-6380-7800
*The Gundum has a light performance every 30 minutes

Day 9


Fish Market/Tuna Auction
Why go: You may have seen fish markets but the tuna? 
Time: 5:00 am if you want to see the Tuna Auction.
Price: 3,000 Yen (Tokyo Hostel Tour)
Otherwise Free.
* The most famous of the Tuna Auctions is at Tsukiji Fish Market. However, because they only let a select number of people in people start lining up to get in as early as 3am. Around 4am you are escorted into the auction room and have to wait around for a whole hour in a room with no chairs let alone anything else in the room. After the auction you are politely asked to leave the market…..so….you can see why we skipped out on that. The fish market my hostel took us to was a lot more pleasant and interactive. (Also the market people were very happy to have us) we got to see the auction (which to be honest…not sure I could watch for more then 15min), got to see the tuna being delivered, sliced, and even got to taste it!
It was a great tour I recommend doing instead of the later.


Tokyo Sky Tree
Why go: Has a pretty awesome view, is a beautiful structure, is located next to a shopping mall, and you’ll pass a Ghibli store as you walk to the tower. haha. ^.^
Time: 8:00-22:00
Price: 2,060 Yen Adult
1,540 Yen 12-17 year old
930 Yen  6-11 year old
620 Yen  4-5 year old
How to get there: Tokyo Station
Phone: 0570-55-0634
*If you are on a budget the Tokyo Tower is cheaper and offers just as good a view.

Day 10

We started off the day walking around Ueno. There is a shopping area there that was featured in a tourist magazine however it ended up being a total bust.

But we decided to visit the local temple and on our way passed Ueno Onshi Park which was a totally beautiful sight!



Yushima Tenmangu Shrine 
Time: 6:00-20:00
Price: 500 Yen
Phone: 03-3836-0753
How to get there: Ueno Station


Ninja Akasaka
Why go: Not only is it a super cool theme that is carried out really well-THE FOOD IS TO DIE FOR! So delicious!
Time: 17:00-25:00
Price: 5,500 Yen – 8,800 Yen
How to get there: Akasakamituke Station
Phone: +81 3-5157-3936
*If you make a reservation ahead of time you can also have a cool “ninja” show. It’s really just a magic show but it’s great fun 🙂

Day 11

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.52.56 PM

Why go: You’re in Japan-It must be done!!
Price: 1,100 Yen – 2,100 Yen (Normally)
There are plenty of Karaoke business around all over Tokyo! NOT finding one would be the hard part.
Some places offer great deals like all you can drink included into your hourly rental of the room. Ask yours to see what they offer!



Shibuya Crossing
Why go: It’s a really young area with lots of shopping and eating options! Not to mention the crossing is pretty neat.
Time: It depends on the store but the area is pretty active during the day till later in the night.
How to get there: Shibuya Station
*When exiting the station you can also visit the Hachi statue!



Why go: It’s a pretty neat area with a lot of unique clothing items.
Time: 11:00-20:00
How to get there: Meijijingu-mae Station
Omotesando Station
*If you go on Sundays you can see people in Cosplay!

Day 12




Sensoji Temple
Time: 6:00-17:00 (6:30 October – March)
Price: Free
Number: 03-3842-0181
How to get there: Asakusa Station (G19)
*If you stay at Tokyo Hostel it is a pleasant 15min bike ride!
*It’s also a great place to buy gifts!

THE NIGHT BUS (Tokyo -> Osaka) We re-stopped by our favorite shopping places and picked up any souvenirs or gifts we were laking. 
Then headed back to the hostel to pack for…

Day 13

Arrive back in Osaka


Check bags into coin locker
These things are a great option if you’re not interested in dragging your luggage everywhere with you.
They come in all shapes and cost around 500 Yen for a whole day.
Look how big this one is! And my bag is Medium sized. Still a lot of room left over. ^.^



HEP 5 Shopping center
Yes! We went back! haha.
It was very close to the station, had shops, a movie theatre, food, what more could we ask for?
But no…we didn’t ride the Ferris Wheel again.

Took the regular train instead of the JR line to the Airport!Waited and then ate because stuff doesn’t open till 9:30
Goodbye Japan! It’s been a blast!!!!


Hope this schedule at least gave you some idea of what you want to do during your time there!
Happy Travels!
This is the Traveling Kimchi!







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  1. Sounds amazing. I might save this for later in order to keep the stops in mind for my own trip 🙂

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