Navigating The NEIS System

If you teach for a public school in Seoul you have probably encountered the NEIS system.
The NEIS system is a program that all of SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) uses to help teachers keep track of their payroll and report their days of leave, sick days, etc.

As foreign teachers we usually end up relying on our Native Teacher to help us do this, but sometimes it can turn into a big problem if they forget to enter your holidays or times when you leave early. Of course, contractually it is ultimately our responsibility in the end.

So here is a step by step guide on how to enter your sick days, leave early days, vacation days, etc.
I think the best thing to do is to save theses images and print them out just so you have them 🙂

As with many things in Korea, these steps are way easier if you learn/know how to read Korean.
It’s really easy to learn and takes less then an hour! If you haven’t learned already I HIGHLY suggest you get on that.

1 copy

2 copy

3 copy

4 copy

6 copy

7 copy

For the next step double check with your Native Teacher the name of the person you should report your vacation time, early days, etc to and that’s the name you should select below.
(It may not always be the V.P.)

8 copy

9 copy

And that’s how you can submit your time off! I hope this post helps and gives you back some of your independence!
This is The Traveling Kimchi!


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