How To Train Your Dragon Summer Camp!

Hello Everyone!
For my 2014 English Summer Camp I did a How To Train Your Dragon Theme!
It was very successful so I wanted to share all my materials and goodies.

I STRESS that while I am sharing this to make lives easier and your camp more fun you SHOULD NOT download this material with out checking and revising it to fit your students levels.
That being said I hope you have a lot of fun with this camp!

I created my materials to fit a two week summer camp.
The PPTs and PDFs can be downloaded on my account at
I have made notes in all of them to show the kinds of questions I asked and such.

The schedule for my summer camp was as follows:

Day 1
Watch 1/2 the movie HTTYD

Day 2  – Learn about Vikings
-Have the kids X and O guess vote with XO paddles
-Teach and learn about Vikings.
(I made this very ask them-questions based. You can give out stickers to correct guesses, etc)
-Do a stand up and move XO quiz

Day 3 – Paper Toothless
(depending on your kids this could take two days. It did for mine so I ended up combining days 9 and 10)
-Cut (Cutting can take up a whole class depending on your kids)
(I told the kids that if it was too hard they could cut off the extra details on the side of the tail and front legs)
-Glue together toothless, I showed them how to do it step by step.
(I made them keep it at the school over night to dry but I also used it for the next lesson)

IMG_3162  IMG_3164  IMG_3166

Day 4 – Design a Dragon
-Talk about how all dragons look different from each other.
-Let the kids draw and color their own dragon.
(I made it a point to not let them copy. I asked them if they could draw toothless-No you can’t because toothless is Hiccup’s dragon, etc)
(I also let them use paper toothless to look at-think about what body parts their dragon needs, etc)


Day 5 – Build a Dragon
(Can be extended into two days but the clay might dry :/)
-Using their drawing and clay the kids will make a 3d model of their dragon.
(Gave my coteacher a break this day and let them model for two class periods-she liked that she didn’t have to lesson plan today)
(Using their drawing from the day before as reference the kids can start to model their dragon)

IMG_3212 IMG_3218
IMG_3215 IMG_3231
IMG_3225  IMG_3220
(Also it’s best to lay out scrap paper around the class ahead of time with a marker near by. That way once a dragon is done they can immediately put it on the paper to dry and write their name.)

Day 6 – Glue and Paint my Dragon
-Paint their dragon
-Some of the body parts fall off, so after they paint it they can glue it back on
(If there is no time for the paint to dry you can do this on day 7 before the lesson)
(If you can get your hands on fast drying glue or crazy glue that helps. haha)


Day 7 – Design a Shield
-Talk about Shields-what they do, what they look like, etc.
-Give kids worksheet, students design their own.
(On the back of the design a shield worksheet I put the viking alphabet in case they wanted to use that in their design.)

Day 8 – Build a Shield
-Using cardboard from boxes the kids brought in they will only construct their shield today.

Day 9 – Decorate my Shield
-Wrap the shield in paper and have they draw and color their shield.
(Depending on the age you might have to come in early and paper wrap the shield for them)

IMG_3272 IMG_3278 IMG_3276 IMG_3279 IMG_3282  IMG_3287

Day 10
Watch the second 1/2 of the movie.

There is also material and printables available on the HTTYD official website!
It’s always a good idea to have word searches and the type printed out ahead of time for students who work a little faster:)
I hope you can find this material useful and have a great time with your own students!

This is The Traveling Kimchi!


1 Comment on How To Train Your Dragon Summer Camp!

  1. I’ve seen a lot of good activities and games for the How to Train Your Dragon theme…can I ask what age your students were? I was wondering if it would be too violent/scary for the youngest ones (1-2 grade)

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