5 of My Favorite ESL Songs

Let’s be honest.
No matter how into it you pretend to be, how many silly dance moves you pull some ESL songs just plain suck.
But there are those that come around once in a while that get stuck in your head! (In a good way.)
Here are 5 of my favorite ESL songs that I have come across during my time teaching English in Korea.


1. The Phonics Song

Phonics are a basic but a lot of the songs just kinda fall flat…this is one I really like because it goes over the sounds, the name of the letter, and then a example word. It has time for the kids to repeat and is slow enough to keep up but not boring.

2. The People Song/Job Song

THIS SONG IS SO ADDICTIVE!!! The tune is so bouncy and catchy. I haven’t had a single class that disliked this song. One class loved it so much they were still singing it at the end of the year! It goes over a lot of different jobs and even has the Korean version of the word.


3. Elephant Song

Great song for reviewing animals. My kids thought it was really funny. Also, they usually listen very closely.

4. On, In, Under

Simple, catchy, and has hand movements to go with it. How perfect can it get?

5. Whose Puppy Is It?

This song is oddly catchy….but it get’s the point across really well and my kids like singing it.


What are some cool ESL songs you’ve found?
Share the link below!


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