I’m a Cake Chef! Kinda….

Ovens aren’t really a standard thing for Korean apartments so baking isn’t as common a practice amongst people who live alone.
But fun things like Cake stores have popped up where you can decorate your own cake!
It’s great because the cake is already made! All that’s needed is the decorations!
And it gets better! When you’re done, they box your cake and you don’t have to clean your mess!
Talk about a good time.

I had a great time decorating a cake! It turned out way cheaper then I expected too!
They basically charge you for the size of the cake and the toppings you use.
As you can see I used A LOT of fruit! haha My cake came out to about $26 (26,000 won)

Line 2
Hongik University stop
Exit 9
Walk out of the exit and take a left.
Walk down the street till you hit a dead end.
At the dead end there will be two buildings in front of you.
Take the building on the left. Cake decorating is on the 3rd floor! Have fun!

Love Cake Song by RockyandBalls
Follow them here: http://www.youtube.com/user/RockyandBalls


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