5 Reasons I love the Spurs

I’ll be honest, I’m not a giant sports person. I hate the drama and debate that often seems to come with choosing a team so it takes a lot for a team to gain my loyalty. However, the San Antonio Spurs have gained and kept my loyalty for 12 years now. Yeah, ok, yell that I am biased because I have resided in San Antonio but in all honesty this would be my team if I had never even stepped foot in Texas. A class act, no drama, real people, and real game; why do I love the San Antonio Spurs? Let me count the ways….

1. Fundamentals
No, I don’t  mean the rules of basketball or dribbling skills. Back when I participated in middle school basketball there were a couple of fundamentals rules:
1. Don’t hog the ball.
2. Pass often.
3. If you have a good shot take it.
4. If someone else has a better shot, pass it.
5. Teamwork.
6. Trust.
7. Good Sportsmanship.
School sports always did a good job of proving that no matter how good of a player you were, if you were an ass no one wanted to play with or for you. Fundamentals like that seem to have been forgotten when it comes to the NBA. We put up with big heads and unsportsmanlike conduct if the player is able to put money in the pockets of its owners. Spurs bring back those fundamentals that the NBA so often seem to overlook.


2. Class
When’s the last time you saw the Spurs throw a punch on the court? Fail to congratulate someone on a good game? Stiff someone on a handshake? Hmmm, let’s see…having a hard time? That’s because it isn’t what they’re about. This team embodies good sportsmanship and class. Must be why they always play in black and white ^.-


3. Team work. Or should I say family work?
These guys play together, they lose together, they win together, and they never play the blame game. When I say Spurs I’m pretty sure THREE names automatically pop in your head, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobuli, and Tony Paker. You can’t know one Spurs player without knowing a few more and that’s how a team works. And when you have chemistry like that, you’re family.
You can’t see stuff like this and not think family:

4. Corny and Boring
Truth is you don’t see them in a lot of magazines, high profile ads, and they barely even make the NBA highlight reels! But these men play for the love of the game, not for all the drama and fame that, more often then not, comes with it. They have been dubbed by many as the “boring” team, but I’d like to argue that if you call them boring your expecting more from them than a good basketball game. While the only ads they participate in are for the local state grocery store, HEB, one look at these commercials gives you insight on just how simple, boring, and great these guys are! Like the commercials they aren’t extravagant or flashy, but since when did Basketball need glitter and smoke?

5. Real People
These guys are real. They care about their city, do military appreciation nights, donate, volunteer, and they’re….normal. There really isn’t a better way to put it. The teams partners with USAA to provide discount tickets and a special evening for those who serve. Robinson alone has donated more than $11 million to a nonprofit private school. Duncan, who, until 2 years ago, was the third highest-paid player in the association, took a pay cut. Now the team have the  “..flexibility that they haven’t seen in years, allowing them to make the acquisitions necessary for them to remain relevant in the future. “  All that without the press, social media, and screaming fans


When it comes down to it the Spurs are a unique, selfless, silly, boring, real, special and 5 time NBA Championship team. And like many class acts they will be around for a long time.


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