Yum! Dead Skin

No, no. I’m not eating the dead skin, Dr. Fish is!
Dr. Fish is a name given to the species of fish scientifically called Garra Rufa.
They are famous for nibbling the dead skin off of “patients” bodies!
It’s even been show to alleviate symptoms of psoriasis (but not cure it).

This cafe gave the unique opportunity to purchase some coffee and then for an extra 3,000 won get the full
Dr. Fish experience.

The practice is banned in the US and Canada so if you want to give it a go, Asia is the place!
It’s not something I would do often but I’m glad I got to do it at least once!

This particular cafe has closed since I went but there are many places in Korea where you can do it!
It isn’t hard to find!

What do you think?
Is it too gross or would you give it a go?


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