TOP 10 Travel Playlist

There are certain tunes that just get us into the mood. One song can turn our whole day around and traveling definitely isn’t an exception. Sometimes it isn’t all glamour and adventure. Sometimes it’s cancelled flights, long cues, no AC available rooms-I’m sure you get where I’m going. The right playlist can save your mood about a trip and get you/keep you excited about it! So what songs should be on your travel playlist?

In no particular order, I present to you some must haves for your travel playlist!

1. Ready To Go –Panic! At the Disco
I’m ready to go! Are you?! ^.^!!!!

Best Day of My Life –American Authors
Traveling is great fun and each day has the potential of being the best day of your life! This song definitely pushes you to dream, keeping going forward, and make friends-even with monsters.  ^.^

On Our Way-The Royal Concept
This song has been on my playlist for a while and I even used it for my Thailand Collage! Traveling is never a stand still hobby. You’re always going, always discovering, and always learning. The quick tempo and lyrics definitely convey that life!

Road Trippin’-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The title kinda conveys it all. A chill driving song for the long road ahead.

Living Louder –The Cab
To get out of your comfort zone is to live LOUDER!!! Any person who travels is living louder! Shout your dreams! Shout your wants! Shout your ideas! Never live quietly! ^.^

Ain’t it fun-Paramore
Even though I’m pretty sure the song was a post break up song I kind of like to interpret it as growing up.
Traveling is one of those experience that make us grow and learn that the world doesn’t orbit around us and that we can’t always go crying to mama.

Good Life-BOB & One republic
Includes city names, positive, pretty chill and a happy song. Sounds like all the things I need for my travel playlist! Good life does a good job of reminding you how lucky you are to be traveling.

Another traveling Song-Bright Eyes
Need I explain? It’s another traveling song!
It sings about all the wonders and hells of traveling!

Rather Be-Clean Bandit
Upbeat, moving, and the music video has great shots of Japan!

Born to Run-Bruce Springsteen
Nothing like a call back to the 70’s when your traveling! Because baby we were born to travel!!!!!

Home-Phillips Phillips
It’s not really for the “travel” part of your playlist but everyone needs that call back to home.
Even when your miles and miles away from home, in a different culture, speaking a different language, and chewing on some foreign food there will always be those moments that call you back. Always have that one song that brings you back home at the end of your adventure.

Are there any I didn’t list that are your on your playlist?
Comment below and tell me what your favorite are!



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