Applying to Teach in Korea!

This has been one of my most visited videos.
I made this video back in 2012 so just double check that all the requirements are the same.
(Price and process can also change depending on where you live.)


FBI Background check
Sealed transcripts

Apostille-Click here

•FBI back ground check
oGo down to your local police station and get a set of finger prints ($10)
oMail this to the FBI (Anywhere from 2 weeks to a month)
Click here to visit the page 
 Application form
 Fingerprint cards
 Payment of $18
 FBI CJIS Division — Record Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306

oApostille (Can take up to 10 days)
 Request form for Apostille
 Paymet $8
 FBI background check
In total everything is going to cost about $36 and take about a month and a half
If youve lived in the same state your whole life you actually dont need to apply to the FBI to get your background check. You can get one from the state.
oInformation here 
oPayment $140
oApplication for US passport
oEvidence of Citizenship
oPresent ID
oA photocopy of the ID you are using
oA passport photo

•Recommendations (at least 2)
oCan be professors or Employers

•Sealed transcript
oUsually about $10. Go to your college office and get one!
Make sure its sealed.

oUpdate your resume!

•Visa application
oLook up your local Korean consulate nearest you
oOnce you get your contract in from the program you are doing you will send that in
oA notice of your appointment
oVisa application

•In total the application to a Korean program will cost you about $60
FBI background check, Apostille, and a sealed transcript
$200 if you get in and apply for your visa and passport


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