The Phases of Contract Teaching

Finding out you got that job in Korea


Well done, you did it! You are going abroad and exploring the world!

When you first arrive to Korea.

It’s magic. It’s just all so different, new, and shiny.

Discovering drinking culture in Korea.

Whaat?!?! They drink on work days AND the weekend? AND it’s expected of them? Oh, I have to try this!

Experiencing drinking culture in Korea.

Never again.

Waking up for your first day of work.


These kids are going to learn today!!!!

A month later…


No, no, no.

You, every Friday, writing those lesson plans like…


The most retched part of the job.

But Friday night, you are busting out those moves like…


Time to dance! And you love that the Koreans are ok with this kind of dancing.

But then you have that midnight craving for something back home..

Reeses pieces, flaming hot cheetos, Arby’s, stuffing, whatever it is you want it and you can’t have it.

Then you talk to your teacher about when you want to use those contract holidays and she’s all like…


Which really pisses you off. But then the next day she does some cute shit like…


And you just can’t stay mad at them.

And yah sometimes the kids you piss you off, trying to be all cool in front of their friends like…


Oh, and you made sure he’d never do that again.

But let’s be honest. Even though you don’t know what they’re saying half the time they’re YOUR kids and you love them. Even when they’re in your class doing stuff like…


Yup… That’s your student right there and your DAMN PROUD!

Then your contract ends and it’s time to go back home you’re all like



When you see all your friends and family again you’re all like


It’s been so long!!! Reunion parties, eating all the things you missed, late nights catching up, telling stories, oh it’s good to be home.

A month later….



And then you crave Kimchi.







Who would have though this day would come.


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